Our Mission:

Help the Homeless

Helps and Cures is a non-profit organization based in New York. It is our goal is to protect the rights of homeless people and to provide voices for those who have none by providing various services and aid in an effort to end homelessness in America.


Donate or Volunteer 

Our services help those who are homeless find shelter, jobs, and peace of mind. With your donations or volunteer work, we believe we can end homelessness in the United States. Together we can change many lives by helping those who desperately need it.

Our Services

  • Small Home Construction

    In order to eliminate the housing crisis in the United States we take direct action by building small homes for the homeless. Call today to find out how you can get involved by volunteering on our next build! 

  • Emergency Resources

    We provide emergency resources to the homeless population as a means to protect them from further insecurities. These resources includ but are not limited to medicine, food, and more. 

  • Case Management

    Our team provides case management to those in need meaning we help plan, seek, advocate for, and monitor services for various social and health care services. 

  • Resiliency Skills Training

    Resilience training focuses on four areas, including emotional, cognitive and mental, physical, and spiritual resilience. Training in these areas can improve your resiliency, enhance your quality of life, and decrease your stress and anxiety by teaching you to view life's inevitable challenges as opportunities.

  • Housing Counseling

    Our professional team is prepared to help individuals in assessing their situation while navigating housing options which best fit their parameters. 

  • Affordable Housing

    Housing insecurity is an American epidemic, which is why we do all in our power to ensure everyone has access to affordable housing. We assist people in finding a house they can afford and help them construct a plan to acquire it. 

  • Crisis Assistance

    As part of our mission to help those in need, we provide assistance to those facing a financial crisis and aid them in moving towards self-sufficiency. 

  • Credit Repair

    A major struggle for many people facing job or housing insecurity is getting back on their feet and rebuilding their credit. We are prepared to help them in rebuilding their life so they can begin again. 

  • Mortgage Resources

    Obtaining new housing can be stressful and expensive and can require a mortgage. We offer resources to navigate the financial and legal process for this course of action. 

  • Accessing VA Benefits

    We offer assistance to veterans and their families in acquiring access to VA and other benefits. It is part of our mission to end homelessness for veteran's and their families. 


The Epidemic of Homelessness

As of 2019 there were nearly 600,000 homeless individuals in the United States including children and veterans. No one deserves to be unsheltered or unprotetected which is why we are committed to curing the epidemic of homelessness - call today to learn how you can help.

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Can't find the answer to your question? Call us at (917) 280-9860 .

How can I help? 
The best way to help our cause is by donating or volunteering! We are a non-profit organization, so all proceeds go directly to helping the
homeless community and aiding them in securing the help they need to get back on their feet. We offer a variety of services and resources, and financial support is the best way to help sustain the continuation for these programs. 

We understand that money can be tight and you may not be in a position where you are able to donate. If this is the case for you, but you feel inspired to take action then we welcome you to contact us to find out how you can volunteer. Volunteering allows you to take direct action in aiding the homeless community. It gives you first hand experience in the harsh realities they face and how you can best help them. Donating and volunteering can be beneficial for you as well as the community, so don’t wait, call today to find out how you can change the world. 

Can I volunteer in order to get hours for my school or club? 

Yes! We understand that volunteer or service hours might be required by schools and organizations and we welcome you to spend your time with us. As you help us in accomplishing our goal to end
homelessness in America, we can help you in achieving yours. Helps & Cures is a fantastic organization to work with and we guarantee you will leave with more than just hours. You will learn more about hard work, empathy, compassion, the world, and life skills. 

Let us know if this is the case for you prior to your first day volunteering and we will be sure to track your hours and vouch for you. Contact us today to learn more about volunteering at Helps & Cures. 

How can I help if I don’t have the time or funds to donate? 

There are multiple ways you can help without devoting your time or money. This can be accomplished by telling your family and friends about us and our mission and by sharing our site on social media. There are always small ways you can find to help the
homeless and make the world a better place. 

Should I donate? 

There are multiple benefits to donating to nonprofit organizations such as Helps & Cures. Donating can provide a sense of fulfillment as you are doing good for the world. More than that, there can be financial and tangible benefits to donating to organizations such as Helps & Cures. By aiding us in our mission to help the
homeless , you are directly improving your community and country . Helping the homeless is a key tactic in helping the nation by improving the quality of life for all, stimulating the economy, helping more citizens find jobs, and ensuring a safer space for all to live within. Donating is an investment in the world you live in, by helping some of us, you help all. In addition to benefiting the community as a whole, donating in large quantities can qualify you or your company for a tax deduction and can boost the public image of you or your organization. 

Donating funds to help the
homeless also helps protect the lives of thousands of children, families, and veterans with nowhere else to go. By supporting this cause you play a part in literally saving lives, so don’t wait, call or message us today to learn more about how your donations will directly help those in need. 

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